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Discussion Board

Do you have a question you'd like answered about Equipment, Insurance, Practice Management, Financial/Accounting, Clinical, Business, or other General question relating to the practice of dentistry?

​Post it on our Facebook page here

Facebook Guidelines for Use

May be used for the following:
- Announcements
- Events
- Evites
- Personal profiles and bios
- Surveys
- Product description, information and updates
- Service description, information and updates
- Product or Service Representative route schedules
- Product or Service videos
- Instructional videos
- Questions and Answers between SCDS Members and Reps
- Charitable Cause announcements

May NOT be used for the following:

- Product pricing and discounts......however, a link out to actual product promos and prices can be placed with the display of product or service descriptions.   
- Any content unrelated to the product or service represented by the corporation.
- Solicitation for monetary charitable donations 
- Personal discussions unrelated to the Healthcare field and its events.
- Political lobbying efforts and related monetary solicitations.

PLEASE NOTE: The ​​page ​will be viewable to the public, but addition of content is provided only to SCDS members and SCDS partners. Snohomish County Dental Society reserves the right to delete any post it identifies as inappropriate for the ​intended use of these forums.