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Interested in administering the COVID-19 Vaccines? Check out the following links:

  • Snohomish County Medical Reserve Corps--Volunteer to help with the COVID-19 response in Snohomish County. Learn more and sign up at (for dentists wanting to give vaccines and/or others willing to be an observer or serve in another volunteer capacity at sites).
  •  (for Lumen Field and other big vaccine clinics)

2021 Membership Survey - Summary Report

The survey responses give us a good bench mark of what members want, as we go through a change in leadership and after the disruption of the pandemic.

  • We had 105 respondents.
  • We have 385 members so we received a 27% response rate.  

In the data below, the percent is listed beside the responses and all percentage were rounded up.

Key Take-Aways

  • Getting CE credits at little, or no, cost is a very high priority with the membership. 65% considered this one of their top two preferences.
  • Meeting in person and seeing friends ranks highly. In Question 4 the number one response was I want to see my friends, enjoy a meal and get CDE credit on a regular basis (43%) and in Question 6 the number one response was I would prefer regular in-person member meetings but occasional, virtual CE opportunities (30%).
  • Another member priority is having an easily accessible location for meetings.

Virtual Meetings

  • It seems like there is interest in some virtual continuing education being made available to members.
  • That could look like hybrid classes, alternating meetings between virtual and in-person, or occasional special classes.
  • Responses show that Tuesday is the preferred day for virtual meetings.

In Person Meetings

  • The responses seem to show that members want a lot of convenience: easily accessible locations, free parking and locations south of Everett, and preferably near Lynnwood.
  • People are more interested in time to eat and meet with friends. There is less interest in the specifics of menu or atmosphere.
  • It is interesting to note that over 80% of the respondent indicated they would be willing to pay for members meetings.
  • It is also interesting to note that Thursday ranked higher as an in-person meeting day, then originally expected.

    Comment Highlights – Comments that best reflected the over-all responses.

    1. Thanks for doing this survey.
    2. I do like the convenience of virtual meetings and CE, but I do like the occasional chance to earn CE, meet vendors, maybe win prizes, and socialize!
    3. Keep same venue. Keep CE and dinner as part of dues. Live stream CE for non-attending members.
    4. I really hope we can find a place and meet again soon. The virtual meetings just don't do it for me.

Question 1. Society Member Priorities (select your top two choices)

  1. CE credits – Getting my 36 credits at little or no cost. (68) 65% chose this as a priority
  2. Learning – Hearing speakers address relevant topics that pertain to my work. (47) 45% chose this as a priority

Question 2. In-person Meeting: Day of Week – Which Day of the week do you prefer:

  1. Wednesday (38) 36% chose this as the preferred day

Question 3. Virtual Meeting: Meeting Day of Week – Which Day of the week do you prefer

  1. Tuesday (41) 39% chose this as the preferred day

Question 4. Member Meeting Priorities (please chose the one that best describes you)

  1. I want to see my friends, enjoy a meal and get CDE credit on a regular basis. (45) 43% chose this as a priority

Question 5. Meeting Locations: What best describes your preference?

  1. I prefer to meet south of Everett (39) 37%

Question 6. Virtual Meetings: Tell us What you think

  1. I would prefer regular in-person member meetings but occasional, virtual CE opportunities. (31) 30%

Question 7. Meeting Expense—CE & Dinner please choose the option that best reflect your views

  1. I would be willing to pay half the cost of the CE/dinner if it was $30 or less.(39)37%

Question 8. Meeting Venue (choose top two)

  1. I like a place that is easy to get to in the evening (65) 62%
  2. I like a place with lots of free parking (40) 38%

DENTAL NEWS - July 2021:

Apple Health Reimbursement Rate Increase & Provider Enrollment Resources

You may have heard that during the 2021 legislative session, the Legislature allocated $76 million ($21.4 million state) in the 2021-23 Operating Budget to improve access to care through increased fee-for-service reimbursement rates for adult dental Medicaid (Apple Health) providers. As a result, on July 1, reimbursement rates for nearly all Apple Health covered services increased by 100%. If you are currently accepting Apple Health insurance, you will automatically receive increased reimbursements when treating adult Apple Health patients.

Click here to download the updated fee schedule.

WSDA is partnering with the Arcora Foundation to encourage dentists to enroll as Apple Health providers and to sign up with DentistLink, Arcora’s free referral service. Please note that as an Apple Health provider, you have full discretion in determining the number of adult Apple Health patients seen at your practice. For questions regarding DentistLink, please email  or call a DentistLink Outreach Specialist at (208) 771-0444.

Both Apple Health enrollment and billing can be challenging for dentists and their teams. As such, we are pleased to share that the Arcora Foundation has created a free pre-recorded continuing education course to walk you through both processes. Click here to access the course.

Questions?  For questions about signing up for Apple Health or the rate increase, please email

Everyone for Veterans

Volunteers needed to treat Veterans!   Most Veterans do not get dental benefits and, since many are low-income, they will spend a lifetime with dental diseases. The organization was formed for vets who have returned from combat areas. Everyone for Veterans, a nonprofit founded by Dr. Theresa Cheng, will connect them to dentists in their area. Dentists treat the veterans in the comfort of their own offices and improve the life of one veteran a year.  Learn more or sign up here:
(Below)  SCDS Member Dr. Jennifer Chan and dental assistant  Justina, of Lakeview Dental Clinic (Lake Stevens) helped Vietnam Veteran, Rick Irish (Sultan, WA).

Veterans--Jennifer Tran photo 



THANK YOU to Fluke Corporation in Everett, WA, for donating over 10,000 Face Shields for use by Snohomish County dentists. 

Also, thank you to all of our SCDS member dentists who volunteered their time (and office space!) to be a distribution site. This was a HUGE undertaking and we are grateful to:

Brandon Biehler—Whidbey Island Smiles
Ryan Chuang—Ryan Chuang Family Dentistry
Shahin Etemadi—Lakeside Endodontics
Ji Won Gwak—Snohomish Family Dentistry
David Hopewell—David Hopewell DDS
Howard Jue—Orthodontics Exclusively
Sonu Lamba and Paul Kahlon—Stellar Kids Dentistry
Roger Lucas—Lynnwood Kids Dentistry
Peter Kim, Serv Wahan, Dan Brady, and Dustin Altmann—OM3 Oral Surgery
B. Ardi Pribadi--Autumnwood Dental
Tania Tran—Grove Street Family Dentistry


ADA Humanitarian Award Recipient  

Congratulations to Snohomish County Dental Society's member Dr. Loree Bolin for receiving the ADA's 2020 Humanitarian Award. Dr. Bolin, selected in 2016 for our Society's Special Recognition Award, and also WSDA's 2016  Citizen of the Year, was recently named as the ADA's 2020 Humanitarian Award recipient.
Dr. Loree Bolin ADA Humanitarian Award 

Established in 2008, the ADA Humanitarian Award annually honors an ADA member for creating a legacy of volunteer work and is one of the Association's highest honors. Criteria for the Humanitarian Award include significantly improving the quality of life and oral health of individuals both in the U.S. and abroad over a period of 10 years or more; demonstrating significant leadership; and serving as an inspiration to others both in the dental profession and the general population.

According to the ADA, "Dr. Bolin’s Health & Hope Foundation, founded in 2014 after her 25 years in private practice family dentistry in Lake Stevens, is impactful for being committed to breaking the cycle of poverty for women and children in underserved communities around the world, particularly in Tanzania, by providing health care, education and economic opportunity."

The award also includes a $10,000 donation to the dental project of Dr. Bolin's choice — the Health & Hope Foundation.

Read more about Dr. Bolin and her charitable work on

Read More

Congratulations to Dr. Loree Bolin on being selected for the 2016 WSDA Citizen of the Year Award!  She was honored at the WSDA House of Delegates in September, where she shared a presentation on her organization's volunteer efforts. Our own Society honored her in May with our Special  Recognition Award for Outstanding Volunteer Service.  Visit her Health & Hope Foundation website at:


Help Snohomish County Dental Foundation Earn Cash!

1) Fred Meyer Community Rewards – Take 2 minutes to link your Rewards card and earn a  donation to our foundation every time you shop.  Go to rewards  search by our name or non-profit #87932 .   This is an easy way to support our Foundation!


Next time you place an Amazon order, simply search & select Snohomish County Dental Foundation.  Amazon donates 0.5% of the price of your eligible AmazonSmile purchases to the charitable         organization of your choice.  AmazonSmile is the same Amazon you know. Same products, same prices, same service. Thanks to everyone already donating!


Washington State Dental Association
Announces the 2017 Citizen of the Year
Award Recipient

Congratulations to Dr. Nhi Pham, who was selected  for our own Society's Special Recognition Award in May (see below).  We were thrilled to nominate her for the Statewide Award, and excited she was selected.  She will be honored at the annual WSDA House of Delegates meeting in September.  See her fascinating and inspiring story in the August WSDA News.

     Each May our Society recognizes one member dentist for his or her outstanding volunteer activities and community service.  We are proud to announce Dr. Nhi Pham has been selected to receive the 2017 award.  Come to the May 17th meeting and help us honor her!

     Dr. Pham is a 1999 graduate of the UW School of Dentistry, and has practiced in Mukilteo since 2003.  Mentoring and serving the needs of the community are two things Dr. Pham has woven into her entire dental career.  She was part of the National Service Corp for 4 years serving underserved populations, taught in the hygiene departments at Lake WA Tech College and Shoreline CC, and since 2012 has been an affiliate faculty member at the UWSOD.  She volunteers regularly in the UW Urgent Care and outreach clinics, the MTI van, Stand Down for Veterans, Project Homeless Connect, & provides a yearly pro-bono dental day for Veterans. She has served on dental mission trips to Haiti, and to Ecuador last year after the earthquake. Dr. Pham currently serves on the Board for Medical Relief International.  Congratulations to Dr. Nhi Pham!

     Do you know an SCDS member dentist making a difference in our community and beyond?  Nominations may be made anytime during the year, and the next deadline is May 1st, 2018.

Nhi Pham, DDS

Congratulations to all of the SCDS previous Special Recognition Award recipients.  Nominate an SCDS member dentist for this award by April 1st each year.

2018 -- Dr. Gary Heyamoto

2017 —  Dr. Nhi Pham

2016 — Dr. Loree Bolin

2015 —  Dr. Olga Ortuzar

2014 —  No Award Presented

2013 —  Dr. Ross Haddow

2012 — Dr. T. Kevin Dang

2011  — Dr. Frederick “Ric” Prael

2010 —  Dr. Casey Culberson

2009 — Dr. Joseph Albert

2008 — Dr. Patti Kashiwa

2007 — Dr.  Shengyi Teng

2006  — Dr. Keith Leonard

2005 —  Dr. Eric Bowles

2004 —  Dr. James Plihal

2003  —  Dr. Gordon Hungar

2002 —  Dr. Michael Karr

2001 —  Dr. Stephen Grindall

2000 —  Dr. George Holdeman


Dental Outreach trip to China

SCDS Member dentist Dr.Jacqueline de Leon-Estes visited China in May with her family to do dental education for about 250+ children and 60 teachers.  This is their 4th international dental outreach trip as a family -- They've visited the Philippines on two previous trips and Belize. On this trip they also volunteered at a panda conservation center -- Cleaning enclosures, making their food, feeding and snuggling with ​the pandas.  Dr. ​de Leon-Estes is an orthodontist in Mukilteo.

Jacqueline Image 4
class 3

Dr. Jennifer Meader and her smiling staff members at a recent SCDS General Meeting.

jennifer meader photo

Fun at the Annual Social, Foundation Fundraiser, & Staff Appreciation Night with Entertainer Nash Fung.

2016 Social -- Pellegrini 1

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